Inspired by creative director and founder Sirus Tanyawattanakul from his travels to Germany, a fresh perspectives and new horizons helped define an artistic journey to redefining the power of freedom andexpression. A confluence of the architecture styles of Munich and his affinity for the beauty in asymmetrical geometric shapes and angular forms. Freedom favors the bold, the Sirus Chain stands as statement piece meant to connect the wearer with their individuality, independence, and intrepidness.

For the first creation, Sirus Chain collection began with the first white gold bracelet in 2016. With the iconic design featuring exceptional details, it includes 3 side settings, handcrafted “Der Platz” motif, and double lock that is finely crafted by skilled craftsmen in House of Sirus Tanya. The collection has 4 series available in pink gold, white gold, and yellow gold, and a wide selection for your preference. The collection has been sold internationally and available for purchase in selected stores in Bangkok, Doha, and the United States and online stores worldwide.
Sirus Tanya is renowned as a prestige international luxury jewelry brand, initially from the origin of high jewelry. Meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen, each distinctive design reflects Sirus Tanya's inspiration and dedication to selecting the finest and highest quality of gemstones to create an exceptional masterpiece.