Papillon Jewelry Garden


In 2015, the original Papillon boutique opened in Doha. With its contemporary design, and palette of soft colors, an atmosphere of relaxed elegance is created – from the moment a client enters, she feels this is a place of welcome.

Our approach? We help each client to discover the essence of individual pieces in order to make a selection which perfectly matches her unique style.
We aim to reveal the unique connection that exists between the client and the creation, by helping her to find that special piece which will reinvent and personalize her image, whether she is seeking simple, understated elegance, a timeless traditional arabesque design, or dazzling red carpet glamour.

A unique personal bond must unite the client and the jewel: the concept, the design, the craftsmanship, and the quality of the stones are all as important as the elegance and joy she radiates whilst wearing it.

As the flower calls out to the butterfly, the jewel calls out to the client she is destined to adorn.

We also offer a breathtaking selection of superb gifts, for all ages, all tastes and for every occasion, including the dazzling traditional seasonal celebrations that take place in Qatar.

Nothing is left to chance in this beautiful boutique. Even the elegant signature gift packaging is part of the amazing journey that starts as soon as the butterfly enters this luxurious garden of gold and precious stones.